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Top South African cities to invest in

South african citiesYou can tell a lot about a city based on the number of millionaires that choose to reside there, which is why the New World Wealth organisation released their report on the top 10 African cities based on their share of millionaires. Four of those cities are in South Africa, with Johannesburg topping the list both locally and on the continent. If you’re thinking of investing in property in one of South Africa’s top cities, then these are the top picks you can choose from:

There are apparently 23 400 millionaires in Johannesburg (Cairo is next on the African list with almost half that) – with a millionaire being defined as someone with net assets (excluding their primary residence) of $1 million or more. An ultra-high net worth individual has $30 million or more – there are approximately 260 ultra-high net worth individuals in Johannesburg. Most of these individuals reside in Sandhurst, Bryanston, Hyde Park, Westcliff, Houghton, Parktown, and Dainfern (respectively). The rest are spread amongst various other suburbs.

Cape Town
Ranked number four on the top 10 list of African cities for millionaires, Cape Town is second on the South African list, and it attracts a lot of attention from international millionaires. Many of the luxury properties available on the Atlantic Seaboard are of such a standard that they easily rival penthouse apartments in New York and London… but with a better view.

Coming in at number six on the top 10 list, and third on the South African list, Durban is still highly rated as a choice residence for millionaires in South Africa. Its property value growth rate is still rising steadily, with the suburbs of Morningside, Glenwood, and Berea attracting exclusive residents.

Ranked number 10 on the African list and fourth on the South African list, the country’s capital is still desirable for its stunning redeveloped and new properties in Brooklyn, Waterkloof, Muckleneuk, and Lynnwood, as well as Irene, Centurion, and Midrand. There are 31 multi-millionaires who found the ideal houses for sale in Pretoria , and who currently reside there.

These four cities are worthy considerations for your own property investments – keep them in mind for when you’re next on the market.

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Tackle these easy (and cheap) DIY projects

Builder hammering wood

There are few prettier places in Gauteng than Jacaranda City, especially during spring and summer when the fully bloomed trees are dropping their lilac flowers all over the pavements. However, if it’s time to move, you’ll want to make your home stand out from all the other houses for sale in Pretoria . We know that the cost of renovating is expensive, but here are some ideas on cost-effective DIY projects you can do around the house, and some ways to save up for them:

Increase that curb appeal
Adding a pair of tall planters with succulents or even decorative chilies can instantly change the look of your home from the outside. This curb appeal will at least get home buyers through your front door and leave a great first impression.

Renovate the guest bathroom
Retiling the guest bathroom, replacing the shower door, and putting in new faucets and other silverware will give the impression of a makeover, even if it’s just a surface update. It won’t cost an arm and a leg, but since home viewers remember the things they like, this will definitely stick in their minds.

Do up the kitchen
Kitchens can be very expensive to renovate, but making small changes can significantly improve the appeal of the kitchen. Replace light fittings, put a new backsplash over the sink, and buy some shiny new appliances. Even adding a few chairs around the kitchen counter can create the impression of a large space with a breakfast nook.

How to save some cash for these updates
We know how convenient it is to buy take-aways for lunch or to splurge on office drinks and weekends away. You also don’t need to go clothes shopping every weekend (or even every month) and you should see what activities you can do that stop you from spending money on petrol, parking, movies, and restaurant bills, etc. Making conscientious budget cuts like these in the short term can provide the resources for fantastic long-term returns on your home.

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Useful decorating tips for your first home

If you’ve gone through the special process of going through lists of houses for sale in Gauteng and have finally made your purchase, you’re probably wondering where to start with decorating it. Here are a few tips on getting it done right for your first home.

Big furniture
Think about buying your biggest pieces of furniture secondhand. This serves two purposes: (1) you will save money but (2) your tastes and style are guaranteed to change over time so when it comes to swopping things around, you won’t have spent a small fortune and feel bad about changing it around.


Accept gifts
It may be that friends are keen to help you out with hand-me-downs. Your first instinct may be to turn your nose up at them or accept them with the thought of getting rid of it all quickly. But stop to consider. It may be turn into a nice piece with a coat of paint or a reupholstering. A nice throw on a worn-out couch could make it just right.

Ditch the mood boards
Most people recommend putting together a mood board for inspiration but given that the place will go through many transitions as you collect bits and pieces, trying to emulate a room will end up costing a lot of money. Try instead to stick with what you have and make the most of it.

Embrace the serendipity
Chances are your first home will not be perfectly decorated or feature in a home magazine. Accept and love the oddness and non-matching bits. You will find out in time what you love and, what you don’t, you will change when you can.

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Wood Floor Fitting Tips

Before you rush out and search for houses for sale in Pretoria because you can’t be bothered to improve your own home, read these tips on fitting wood flooring to see if you can’t undertake the task yourself and get the improvements you are after.


Firstly, be realistic. Chances are, you will never get a pristine finish if you are not a professional floor fitter, and don’t expect to get good results if you use cheap materials. Preparation is key so make sure you put as much time into prepping the sub-floor as you need to. Follow manufacturers’ instructions for all the products you use. Invest in the right tools for the job and, most importantly, take your time.

Make sure you have a carpenter’s square, tape measure and a pencil for marking out boards. Next is a good handsaw to trim boards and a jigsaw for cutting longer lengths. A great investment is to get a laminating kit which includes many of the tools you’ll need.

To get a good final look, stagger the rows where ends join by beginning each row with a board of a different length. Don’t skimp on time to avoid butchered boards and corners that are mitred badly. To avoid gaps between boards, make sure you use enough glue and make sure you are there to supervise tongue and groove boards while they glue so there is no shift.

Always bear in mind that it is easier to renew or update the finish of a floor when you use proper wood by filling in with filler if small gaps develop or wood wears away. Finish off with sanding, oiling and lacquer.

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The importance of finding a good university for your kids

Columbia University in new yourk city

A good education is a must for any child. Knowledge is power; this statement is far more relevant now than ever before. Getting through high school is a small milestone when compared to varsity. Some say nothing beats high school memories; however, varsity memories are by far the ones that stand out the most. University gives you the opportunity to really find yourself, make a couple of mistakes, learn as much as you can and take all of that experience into the working world also known as the real world. More »

A smaller house can make you happier

Most people prefer big houses, the bigger the better. A number of A-list stars prefer large spaces with tons of rooms and space, expensive mansions that dominate the property market. This has also fuelled the trend of bigger houses; more and more people prefer buying bigger houses. Less is more. A small house might be worth considering especially when you’re thinking of retiring for example, houses for sale in Pretoria. We list a few reasons why a smaller house can make you happier.

small house

Easier to maintain
A big house requires a lot of energy, time, money and effort just to maintain it. A small house equals less energy, time and effort.

Less expensive
Smaller houses are far less expensive especially when you’re looking into buying one. Small houses are also less expensive to keep, things such as heating, insurance, electricity and taxes is far less when compared to a big house.

Mentally Freeing
We all love our possessions; the more we have the more our possessions own us. This means that mentally, we’re hostage to our own possessions. Instead of going big, go small and free the mind.

Less environmental impact
Smaller houses require fewer resources to build and maintain. This in the long run benefits us and the environment.

More time
Smaller houses means less time spent taking care of the house. This means more time to yourself, you can use this free time for just about anything.

Forces you to remove baggage
Moving into a smaller house means fewer belongings. So no more clutter.

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A well kept secret

Located on the grounds of the Smuts House Museum, the market is a unique and special kind of art market. The Irene Village Market is held twice a month. The market offers a variety of entertainment for the kids, a number of food stalls including a tea garden. The market also offers plenty of guarded parking including over 300 exhibitions offering a variety of merchandise that range from art to delicacies, clothing, flowers, curio and antiques. The market usually takes place on the second and last Saturday of each month.

Irene Country Lodge


The market is open between 09:00-14:00. The Irene Village Market has received a number of great views from publications such as Getaway magazine. The market offers an environment that brings together both lovers of art and artists. Visitors can look forward to endless fun of family entertainment whilst taking in the natural heritage, beauty and rich history of Irene village. The area is a real treasure offering amazing hiking trails and spectacular views of the area.

irene market

A number of property owners take pride in their investments; the area also features a number of flats to rent in Pretoria. Lovers of arts and crafts can look forward to original art and crafts all of which are sold at the Irene Village Market. All of the exhibitors including their merchandise undergo a strict selection process before it goes on display. Smuts Hill is famous for its pastoral slopes offering that old world feel.

The hill is situated not far from the village of Irene set on the banks of the Hennops River. The area is bursting with luscious and indigenous grasslands which dominate the Smuts’ Nature Trail. The trail is home to Crassulaecae, Aselepiadaccae and ancient perennials all of which spout from underground. For nature lovers the Smuts’ Nature Trail is the ideal spot for any hike or picnic.

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Centurion a cosmopolitan community

Situated on the N1 outside of Midrand between Johannesburg and Pretoria is Centurion. Famous for its mall which is one of the biggest shopping centres in South Africa featuring over 200 restaurants and stores, Centurion is one of the best investments in terms of property. Over the years the area has become a ‘lifestyle of choice’ a reputation it still holds today.

A white gouse

Centurion is perfect for those who don’t have the desire to live in the city but wish to have simple access to the city. It’s also ideal for those who are looking for that country feel. Centurion is home to a number of estates hence it’s also advertised as the ideal place for lifestyle living. The area is scattered with gated villages some of which have created and attracted a cosmopolitan community. The area also hosts a number of Duplex to rent in Centurion.

Today Centurion is a mini city of its own one which with time will close the gap between two major cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Centurion stems from the Lyttelton townships on the Droogegrond farm; today it hosts 20 to 30 different suburbs. Its boundaries extend from Midrand all the way to the north in Valhalla. This also includes the Hennopsrivier situated in the west to the R21 (which is the same route leading to the airport) in the east.

Khayas and castltes centurion

One of the main advantages of living in and around Centurion is the effortless access to all the major roadways that links it to Midrand, Krugersdorp, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Oliver Thambo International airport. There’s a newly built convention and entertainment centre which hosts 2000 delegates in exhibitions, special events and congresses featuring tow hotels and 20 breakaway rooms. Today Centurion sits as the hub for tourism and is the ideal place to conduct business.

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Before you rent, know this…

Apartment in Pretoria
Let’s be honest, when looking at apartments for sale, you may just feel like reverting back to tenant status. Building levies are exorbitant, you never know what the neighbours are really going to be like (and if you buy, you’re stuck with them for 20 years, rather than for one year), and you might need more space in a year or two. More »

Create more space without building on

A well decorated and spacious lounge
When your family grows or your need grows for more space at home, you don’t have to go to drastic measures to solve the problem. There’s no need to look at new apartments for sale or call in the contractors to shrink your garden so you can extend your house. Maybe there’s more space in your home than you realise – it’s just a matter of optimising it.

Here’s how:

Go open-plan
You may be surprised at how much bigger your home may look when you knock down dividing walls that separate dining room from living room, or dining room from kitchen. The divisions between living spaces can be made with folding screens, or simply dressing the dining room in one theme and the living room in another. In smaller apartments, the illusion of space is created with an open-plan setup, but the rooms are divided functionally. For instance: kitchen is separated from living room with a breakfast nook. Living room is separated from dining room with a corner couch placed with its back to the dining table.

If you do need to knock down walls, just make sure you don’t remove any load-bearing walls as this could spell disaster.

Flooring unity
A more cost effective way of making space appear out of nowhere is to extend the flooring. Don’t have a laminated floor in the passage, carpets in the bedrooms, tiles in the kitchen, and parquet in the living areas. The division creates the illusion of a bunch of separate, smaller areas. By choosing one type of flooring (laminated wood works the best for this effect) extended throughout your home, it creates that “opening up” – extending your line of sight – without the need to break down any walls.

Other tips
• Use every available nook and cranny: corner tables, bookshelves on the walls, “dead space” under staircases can all be utilised as extra space, removing a lot of clutter from existing rooms and opening them up to appear larger.
• Paint: the lighter the colour, the more light is let in and the larger the rooms appear.
• Open your curtains or install blinds, and let that natural light in for more space.

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